About Us

Who We Are?

talentsroot is an online marketplace for freelance services which acts as a junction between those who can utilize their skills to earn extra revenue (i.e. freelancers “sellers”) and those who are seeking various services but do not wish to utilize traditional venues for doing that (i.e. buyers).

Freelancers (Sellers) can post their services in any of many fields where they have skills, including IT development, Digital marketing, Graphic design, Business and entrepreneurship, Writing and translation, Video and animation, Music and audio etc. Freelancers will gain real life experience when they do that, while having the potential of gaining extra income.

Buyers, also find the services offered by the platform attractive in terms of price, variety, and access to worldwide talent. Also it helps to make start-ups a success story and lead towards success in whatever task you take up in a lowest cost.

talentsroot is registered and licensed by Companies Control Department in Jordan, and by Dubai economy in United Arab emirates. Our offices are located in Amman-Jordan, and Dubai-UAE.

Our vision:

What if instead of looking for innovative solutions they are brought to you in the most convenient way? Yes, this is the vision behind “talentsroot”, Work with our freelancing platform and achieve your goals, become successful in your ideas, upscale the potential of your company, hire services to make your start-up a success story and lead towards success in whatever task you take up. We are a platform dedicated to helping new and old freelancers to identify their potential, fulfill their targets and grow exponentially. We act as a bridge between the skilled and those in need of reliable service providers for their valuable tasks. We provide global services for all freelancers and buyers sitting anywhere in the world.

Our Mission:

We aim to enable all talents around the world to deliver their services to all interested buyers from all over the world to increase their income and improve their life style, also we help the entrepreneurs and companies to reduce their overhead cost by hiring best Freelancers from all over the world.

So talentsroot.com is a central marketplace where it connects talents (Sellers) and buyers from all over the world in a secure, robust and controlled place.

Our Service:

We provide complete support to freelancers who are willing to be associated with a trustworthy platform. We enable buyers to achieve their set targets by helping them find the best freelancers for their jobs. Our niche is based on the commitment to deliver excellence and exercise extreme care and concern while performing our duty. With passion, commitment, and quality of work we provide a service which is competent and reliable. On one hand we make sure to provide a protected service to our freelancers ensuring their rights and on the other hand, we make sure that our buyers assuredly get the best service providers so they are fully satisfied with our platform.

Our Commitment:

We handle every task under personal supervision from start to end and make sure to manage every stage of the process efficiently so that the competency of our services is maintained. We have the required experience in the relevant field along with a vast network of resources to enable our buyers to reach the best freelancers in the circuit. We have a single rule of having perseverance in delivering outstanding performance by providing a dedicated freelancing service for buyers in search of a responsible platform.

What We Are Proud of?

We are a global freelance platform, providing support in Arabic and English languages.

We implement the latest and most secured technologies to protect our users and data.

We are integrating all payment processes with top payment gateway providers to ensure highest level of security, stability and performance.

We ensure providing best quality of service for sellers and buyers to enjoy their freelance journey.

Contact Details:


Amman, Jordan

Dubai, UAE

[email protected]