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Myth about Freelancing

If you want to work as a freelancer, then it may be a good idea.  There are many positive and negative theories about working as freelancer. Here, we have mentioned some helpful facts that you might help you to set you goals and get the best of your capability.

Following are some common myths that most people have in mind about freelance working:


Freelancers do not get paid:

The myth is freelancers never get paid. Freelancers work independently doesn’t mean that they don’t get paid. Most people think that they get paid very rarely or even don’t make any money. The fact is, being a freelancer you can raise bills to client and ask them for money upfront.

Also compounding this myth, further people also think that freelancing is not a stable source of earning. But the truth is freelance can be a steady source of income in unsteady times.

Though it is true that you might not get to work on the multiple projects at the same time or you might not have even one project in hand, but if you are known in the field you work for doing great job, there is probability that you might built up a consistent base of clients who will prefer you repeatedly for their projects.


Freelancers don’t need to interact with people:

Being a freelancer, you will always be talking to people. And this interaction could be for making new clients, to keep up the existing clients or to make sure that the clients you have worked for give you the opportunity to work for them again.

It is a myth that people think freelancers don’t need to talk to people. In fact, a good customer service and knowing the need of the clients is very important and it provides you the base to build up a client base.


Freelancers don’t have a real job: 

The myth surrounds the freelancers that they do not have a real job. The fact is freelancing is a real job. The freelancers might quit their full time job to do what they enjoy. Because they don’t work from 9-5 in an office doesn’t mean that they don’t have a job. On the other hand, freelancers would have made the purposeful choice to do something for themselves, the thing they enjoy the most.


Freelancers don’t work hard: 

This is not true that freelancers don’t work hard. Infect no freelancer would agree you on this. Freelancers might need to work for hours in a day to deliver the work and to meet the expectations for the task they are working on. Though some days might be not as hectic as others



The myth also related with freelance is that the freelancers are not professional. It is a fact that working freelance doesn’t bound by the expectation that is associated with working in an office. But it is not right to think that this thing makes the freelancers unprofessional. The presentation and interaction with the client is just as vital to secure any probable or returning work as networking.