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Creating an Account


To create an account:

From the talentsroot homepage, click Register.

1. Enter your username. Note: You can also join with Facebook or Google account. 

  • Your username cannot be changed once you’ve activated your account.
  • Your username is your display name (within your talentsroot URL), so choose it wisely.

2. Enter a valid Email address.

3. Choose the user type:

  • Talent: the user can sell and buy roots.
  • Buyer: the user can only buy roots, to sell root please change user type to talent from edit profile page.

4. Choose a complex password contains upper case, number, special character and not less than 8 characters, then retype the password to confirm.

5. Read the terms for service and privacy policy, then if you agree, click on register button.

6. You are now a registered user on talentsroot. An email will be sent for you to verify your account. 

7. Within the email you received from talentsroot in your mailbox, click Verify. Note: your account will be locked until you verify the account.

8. Fill all mandatory fields in personal information page in order to be able to post new root.

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