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How To Post a New Root (Service)

After you verify your email, fill all your personal information including your profile description, you can now post a new root (service):

  • Click on Post a New Root (Service) on homepage, or from the profile list on top right corner.
  • Fill the root title (Choose a professional title to attract the buyers)
  • Choose the suitable category and sub-category for your service then click next.
  • Fill the root price where you have two options:
    • either to choose FIXED price and enter the root price in US dollar, and number of days you need to deliver.
    • or enable Flexible Price Per Package option to add multiple prices based on specific service which include (name, description,  delivery time, number of revisions, price
  • After you click next, add a FULL description to your root (make it very clear and well detailed so the buyers can understand the full details about your service).
  • Add the instructions you need to send for buyers ONCE they purchased the service.
  • Add useful tags to help the buyers to reach to your root.
  • Upload at least 1 image to represent your root.
  • Add video URLs (up-to 4 URLs) if needed.
  • Add Audio files if needed.
  • in case you need to add extra options, you can enable extra fast delivery, additional revisions and any other extra, then click next.
  • Review your details and if you accept and agree to the terms of service and privacy policy click on post a root button.

The root will be reviewed by talentsroot team, and you will receive an email upon approval or rejection within 24 hours.

You will receive and email notification for the status of your root and you can check the status of your roots by clicking on My roots from profile menu on top right corner.

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