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How to Start Selling on talentsroot


Once your order is published on talentsroot.com, interested buyers can order your root in two ways:

  • First way is to submit an order directly from your root page, buyer will choose the suitable package if you are using a flexible price, or will choose you fixed price.
  • Second way, if the buyer need a custom requirements:
    • The buyer will contact you using our private messages page.
    • He will discuss with you then once you both agree on the scope, price and delivery time.
    • You have to send a custom offer from the “send custom offer button” located in the private message page where you fill all the agreed details.
    • They buyer will have to accept the offer and complete the payment process.
  • Once the buyer finish the payment process, a transaction page will be created for this order and you will receive a notification on the notification icon and on your registered email address.
  • You will check the details from the transaction page link where it will have a countdown for the delivery time, or you can go to my sales page from the profile menu on top right corner then you will start working on the requirements.
  • For any communication related to the order, you can use the transaction page to chat with the buyer.
  • Once you finish the work before the deadline, you will click on the mark as delivered button and attache the work file.
  • The buyer will review the work, and either he will request a modification or he will mark the order as completed.
  • The buyer will add a review about your work which will show on your profile.
  • Once the buyer reviewed your work, you will have to review the buyer as well.

You can always click on extend delivery time button on transaction page to extend the delivery time, but it should be accepted by the buyer.

If you fail to deliver on time, the buyer can cancel the order at anytime.

Make sure always to create the order before you start any work so you ensure that talentsroot can protect your rights.

Congratulations for selling a root !

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