Become a seller on talentsroot

talentsroot is an online marketplace for freelance services which acts as a junction between those who can utilize their skills to earn extra revenue (i.e. freelancers “sellers”) and those who are seeking various services but do not wish to utilize traditional venues for doing that (i.e. buyers). A service offered on talentsroot is called a root.

Sellers have the option to choose their starting price point. Sellers can even offer multiple price ranges by using root packages. With root packages, they can offer buyers different service packages at different prices.

For Seller For Seller
  • Clearance period is 3 days
  • Selling fees is 10% excluding withdrawal fee.
  • Available withdrawal options:
    • PayPal: Minimum amount is $10.
    • Payoneer for India and Pakistan only : Minimum amount is $20.
  • Sharing any contact details, communication or asking for a payment outside talentsroot will cause the account to be suspended.
  • talentsroot is here for you, anything from answering any questions to resolving any issues, at any time.

The best sellers don not leave room for misunderstandings. For example:

  • Make sure your seller profile is complete.
  • Make sure your roots are well written and accurately describe the services you provide.
  • Make sure your work samples accurately show your skills.
  • If your buyer expectations are met or exceeded, you will get a good rating and more business. Buyers who purchase your root pay talentsroot in advance. When your order is successfully delivered and accepted by the buyer, you will receive 90% of the total order value. For example, if you price your service at $10, you will receive $9 in your balance for a completed order. For more information, see our Terms of Service.

    Tip: You can boost your income by offering your customers extra services during the order process. Please don’t harass your buyers; try to understand what their needs are and how your skills can help them achieve their goals.

    Registering as a seller

    To create an account:

    From the talentsroot homepage, click Register.

    1. Enter your username. Note: You can also join with Facebook or Google account.

    • Your username must be more than 6 characters and less than 20 characters.
    • Your username must not contain spaces or special characters.
    • Your username cannot be changed once you’ve activated your account.
    • Your username is your display name (within your talentsroot URL), so choose it wisely.

    2. Enter a valid Email address.

    3. Choose a complex password contains upper case, number, special character and not less than 8 characters.

    4. Choose seller as a user type, Sellers can sell and buy services.

    5. Read the terms of service and privacy policy, then if you agree, click on register button.

    6. You are now a registered user on talentsroot. An email will be sent for you to verify your account.

    7. Within the email you received from talentsroot in your mailbox, click Verify. Note: your account will be locked until you verify the account.

    8. Fill all mandatory fields in edit profile page in order to be able to post a new root.

    Creating Your Seller Profile

    In the profile settings, you can define your name, email, and other information.

    Note: First name, Last name, Email address and Phone number are not available to the public.

    To define your profile settings:

    1. Once logged in, click on dashboard icon, and then click My Profile then Edit My Profile button..
    2. Make sure to fill all mandatory fields.
    3. Choose your native language and an additional language so buyers know that.
    4. Email address and user type are filled on registration and you can not change it.
    5. Make sure to enter your correct first and last name, once entered you can not change it.
    6. Country is auto detected once you registered and you can not change it.
    7. You have to fill your profile description, its very important to type professional description so buyers can know and trust you better.
    8. Add your skills tags as keywords.
    9. Upload your profile picture and choose a professional one.
    10. Go to withdraw details tab and fill your details.
    11. You can edit notifications settings from settings tab.
    12. Make sure to click on save button.

    Creating a Root

    After you verify your email, fill all your profile information including your profile description, you can now post a new root:

    1. Click on POST NEW ROOT button on homepage, or from the dashboard.
    2. Fill the root TITLE, your title should be short, clear, and to the point.
    3. In the CATEGORY drop-down menu, select the appropriate category and then SUBCATEGORY for your root, then next button.
    4. Fill the root PRICE, you can choose:
      • FIXED price, enter the root price in US dollar, and number of days you need to deliver.
      • FLEXIBLE Price for Packages option and fill package name, description, delivery time, number of revisions and price.
      • In case you need to add extra options, you can enable extra fast delivery, additional revisions and any other extra, then click next.
    5. After you click next, add a full DESCRIPTION to briefly describe your root. Be as detailed as possible so buyers will be able to understand if this meets their needs.
    6. In REQUIREMENTS filed, tell your buyer what you need to start the order. You can define instructions for your buyer.
    7. In the SEARCH TAGS field, add a minimum of one word or phrase that best describe your root.
    8. Upload at least 1 IMAGE to represent your root.
    9. Upload VIDEO files or URLs (up-to 4 URLs) if needed.
    10. Upload AUDIO files if needed.
    11. Review your details and if you accept and agree to the terms of service and privacy policy click on POST button.

    The root will be reviewed by talentsroot team, and you will receive an email upon approval or rejection within 24 hours.

    You will receive and email notification for the status of your root and you can check the status of your roots by clicking on dashboard then My Roots.

    Start Selling on talentsroot

    Once your order is published on talentsroot, interested buyers can order your root in two ways:

    • First way is to buy directly from your root page, buyer will choose the suitable package if you are using a flexible price, or will choose your fixed price.
    • Second way, if the buyer need a custom requirements:
      • The buyer will contact you to ask for a custom offer.
      • You will send a custom offer with all agreed details including price and delivery time.
      • Buyer will accept or reject the custom offer, you will be notified once the buyer take an action.
    • Once the buyer finish the payment process, a transaction page will be created for this order and you will receive a notification on the notification icon and on your registered email address.
    • You will check the details from the transaction page link where it will have a countdown for the delivery time, or you can go to my sales page from the dashboard page, then you will start working on the requirements.
    • For any communication related to the order, you can use the transaction page to chat with the buyer.
    • Once you finish the work before the deadline, you will click on the deliver button and attach the work file.
    • The buyer will review the work, and either will request a modification or will accept and complete the order.
    • The buyer will add a review about your work which will show on your profile.
    • Once the buyer reviewed your work, you will have to review the buyer as well.

    You can always click on extend delivery time button on transaction page to extend the delivery time, but it should be accepted by the buyer.

    If you fail to deliver on time, the buyer can cancel the order at anytime.

    Make sure always to create the order before you start any work so you ensure that talentsroot can protect your rights.

    You can also submit an offers for the buyers, by clicking on the submit offer button on homepage, then check the buyer’s request and submit your offer. Including description, delivery days and price. If buyer like your offer, then will either contact you or accept your offer directly.

    Closing Your Account

    We hate to see you go, but if you insist, then you can close your account. You can do this for example if you no longer need to use talentsroot, or would like to change your username.

    To deactivate your account contact us through support center..


    • If you have funds in your account, please contact our support team prior to closing your account.
    • If you plan to close your account and open a new one, you cannot use the same email address as the previous account.