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Professional Accounting and Bookkeeping Services Including:

  • record payments, receipts and journal entries in the accounting software (Quick Books);
  • prepare bank reconciliations;
  • prepare and maintain schedules for prepayments, accruals, employee advances and end of service benefits;
  • maintain fixed assets registers and follow appropriate depreciation method as per the company’s policy; and
  • prepare the monthly/annual general ledger, journal, trial balance, income statement, balance sheet and cash flows (Excel format).


Monthly / Quarterly VAT filing with the General Authority of Zakat and Tax "GAZT" portal including:

  • advise you of the VAT Tax Return filing requirements;
  • advise and liaise with you as to the preparation of quarterly / monthly VAT return;
  • review the quarterly / monthly VAT return information;
  • inform you of the VAT payable amount and due dates for payment;
  • submit VAT return on your behalf, to the GAZT; and
  • review and keep the records of VAT related documents and confirming that they are easily accessible upon any request from the GAZT.


Monthly / Annual Withholding tax filing with the GAZT including:

  • advise you of the Withholding Tax Return (“WTR”) filing requirements;
  • advise and liaise with you as to the preparation of monthly and annual WTR;
  • inform you of the dates for payment;
  • translate the WTR into Arabic for filing with the GAZT; and
  • submit WTR on your behalf in Arabic, to the GAZT as prepared by you based on our advice.



Accounting and Bookkeeping - KSA VAT Filing Services

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