I will install mailwizz email marketing software with powermta

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Please make sure to contact me before ordering, so we can discuss your requirements. Thanks!

NOTE: I can install the software on YOUR server and domain only!


I have over 15 years of experience in email marketing field and can quickly turn your server into an email marketing machine with 10/10 mail-tester.com score.


Mailwizz and PowerMTA installation, full set of DNS/rDNS records, IP rotation, bounce processing, SSL certificate, IP warm up guide.
DNS records include: A, CNAME, MX, TXT, SPF, DKIM/DomainKey, DMARC.

Reverse DNS records are created for every sending IP address.
If your server has more than one IP address, PowerMTA is configured with an automatic IP rotation.
Automatic bounce processing is configured for Standard and Premium packages only.
Service includes the installation of a hosting control panel.
what is needed :Server IP Address
Root access
IP/IPs you want to be configured for sending e-mails
DNS panel access

Got any special requirements? Just let me know!

My name is Mohammad, i am a digital marketer, specialized in SMS, *****, Em-ail marketing in addition to create a promotional videos.

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