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We provide a bulk marketing using WhatsApp, the best way to promote your business or website or selling your items to any country you choose.

for each 1000 Whats-app message we charge only 15$, special price for high quantities.

Links will be clickable?

No, as per Whatsapp Policy if message is received from an unknown number the link will be shown as plain text message.

Through our platform you can send following items in one single credit (message):
- Text Message (no limit)
- 2 Images (Size up to 1 MB each)
- 1 Video (Size up to 3 MB)
- 1 Audio (Size up to 2 MB)
- 1 PDF file (Size up to 1 MB)
Feel free to contact us anytime.

We have our database for Arab countries with almost 100K numbers
we can send to your database as well to any country

*We don't guarantee any sales or response for the messages, we do only sending the messages.

My name is Mohammad, i am a digital marketer, specialized in SMS, *****, Em-ail marketing in addition to create a promotional videos.

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excellent and honest, thanks

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Excellent, honest, fast and helpful, as described, highly recommended