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I'm  ISTQB certified , +2 experience in web and mobile testing   .
I have tested websites in many programming languages and mobile apps .
Following skillset:
1. Manual Testing - Android, iOS and web applications
2. Worked on both functional and non-functional testing
3. Retesting and Regression Testing
4. Usability testing
5. Preparing Test Plan
6. Preparing and Maintaining the Testcases
7. Detail incident reporting - With proper Description, Screenshot, user details(if required) and with Priority & severity and expected
8. Compatibility Testing for application if business demands
9. Complete Documentation if required
10. API testing using POSTMAN

My name is Ataa Abdallah Zeid graduated from faculty of computer and information systems 2013 , have + 2 years Experience in software Testing (web system and mobile applications) , i have skill design test plan , test cases ,create test results report and very familiar with MTM ,TFS
,Maints Tools , api testing , sql server ,Basics of automation Testing . have ISTQB certification

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