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I offer Arabic/English professional translation within the time limit. What makes me stand out is that Arabic is my mother tongue and I majored in The English language Arts and literature which make me aware of culture cues and other factors that  could contribute in delivering the accurate meaning to the reader. I do not translate word for work as I take my job on a series professional level.

I need to check the translation material s first in order to set an appropriate price once I approve the content.
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Hello! I'm an Egyptian citizen who speaks Arabic and English fluently as Arabic is my mother tongue, and I majored at the English language department.
I'm interstered in Arabic / English transcribtion and translation projects. 
I am an accurate professional translator who does not translate word for word, but rather I capture the meaning, culture cues and tones of voice which could transfer the message on a high level of professioncy. I also do voice over in both Arabic and English as the qualities above mentioned make me a good candidate.

I am interested in other careers along with the above mentioned. I can do pretty good job at writing projects, typing, data entry and online customer service.

السلام عليكم 
انا مروه الشاذلى من مصر. أقوم بالترجمة الاحترافية من و إلى اللغتين العربية و الإنجليزية   حيث اننى لا أقوم بالترجمة الحرفية. لكن احرص على نقل الخلفية الثقافية و نبرات الصوت مع المعنى ليصل القارئ أو السامع المقصد من الكلام بشكل كامل

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