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Transcription and translation of 15 minutes video or audio, I will transcript first the audio or the video file, then I will use a famous rule in translation called the golden rule, it involves translating the text in the same source language, "try to understand it" in order to get close to the real meaning. After all, I will move to translation, of course, this latter requires accuracy.

- the video/audio should be 15 minutes long, no more minutes.
- If the video/audio is more than 15 minutes, I can charge more dollars.
- the language is spoken in the video/audio can be either in Standard Arabic, French, or English.
- I translate Arabic to English and vice versa. Arabic to French and vice versa. also English to French and vise versa.

transcription and translation.
1 year of experience.
I used to be a writer, an editor, and a proofreader of texts, but lately, transcription and translation of videos and audios (+ subtitling) attracted my attention.
The translation is not an easy task to accomplish, I usually face some difficulties concerning the target culture or the target public. but that's why I am here, the translator's job is first to keep the meaning, and stay faithful to the text with being aware of the target public, the translator's aim is to transfer the message/meaning the way it is, and be careful regarding some Standards.
Arabic is my mother tongue language, I speak and write fluent  English, and fluent French, Also Standard Arabic.
I use the Aegisub software for subtitling because it is easy to use, it does not take time like other software.

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