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BIM ArchitectQualifications: - Autodesk Certified Professional: Revit® Architecture (See the certificate in the portfolio) - MSc. Documenting Heritage Buildings Using HBIM (Heritage Building Information Modelling) - Small and mega Projects in Egypt, Pakistan, Dubai, Saudi Arabia (Check the portfolio) - 9 years of experience in BIM modeling. Job Duties, Responsibilities, Qualifications, and Requirements: 1. Define your purpose of BIM works (Modeling, Shop drawings, Family Creation, QTO, etc.) 2. Submit your current project’s documentation (PDF, CAD, IFC, etc.) 3. Generate a LOD 200 BIM model for review accompanied by RFIs. 4. Client RFIs respond errors omissions and clashes early resolution. 5. Generate a LOD 300 BIM model for review accompanied with clash report. 6. Tender Documents for Engineers are derived from the LOD 300 BIM model. 7. Elaborate the LOD 300 Model to a working LOD 400.


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